No one wants to discover something

I am writing those lines while I am trying to develop an algorithm that would take a DJ’s playlist and rearrange it to provide the best DJ set possible.

Recently, I watch the video of the Y combinator speaking about how to find ideas and the so called tarpit ideas- One that seems interesting on paper but don’t really match. Among them, discovering new thing. Those ideas don’t match.

Ok so how did  I make the relationship between those 2 subjects? Simple. While searching for data on songs, I figured out that Spotify acquired a startup in 2014 to help their users find new songs. 8 years later, the process to find new songs on Spotify is not easy. How do I know? The frequency at what I discover new songs if I do not look for actively.

Discovering something is a tarpit idea, it seems great but isn’t, because no one is looking for discovering new things in reality. Rather, we want to get surprised, we want to fall in front of something, keep our habits and hope for something new to come up. 

That’s funny because it also mean that something new will not be discovered if not promoted. This, we need to have in mind.