Benoît Dervieux

262 Rydsvägen

584 34 Linköping

+46 739646804


Contact me Benoit Dervieux for a video in Linköping Sweden

Maybe you are interested in one of our solutions? Eventually you have a project that require videos? Then, contact me directly to have more information. Also, you can sign up to the newsletter.

You can also check my references on Instagram if you need some inspirations

Why you should contact me?

Hi. Maybe you have a project which requires a video but you are not sure. Also, you might think it’s too expensive or that you don’t really need it. Or you can also imagine that it’s not worth the price and that you can this better. Maybe you are a videographer also or a photographer and you see me as competition. I don’t know, but whoever you are and hesitating to contact me, you can read this.

I just want to tell you that a simple meeting would be just great. Maybe we’ll be able to exchange information, we will open a window of opportunities, and we will exchange together. We never know what other people can bring us and simple meetings can sometimes go over what we expect. I do this because I love it. And like every person who has a business, I need to exchange, to speak, to live.

I have this passion which animates me, this desire to learn and to experience. To help and to get up in the morning feeling happy to do this. This is why I have chosen this path and you can contact me if you respect it.

So if you share this passion in your business, hobby or activity, do not hesitate to ask a question, I would be glad to answer, to meet, and to see how can collaborate. Money is involved but it’s not always just about money.

See you!