My story

Who I am?

Hi. My name is Benoit Dervieux. I am a video maker, marketing optimist and so-called entrepreneur (but I do not like the term).

About me, my core strength is to imagine what and how customers want products and to later on advertise them. Hence, I am helping businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their activity, their services or their product in the best manner possible. One of my belief is that every project is started by a passionate person and that this person has a lot to show and express. This is why, I am here to reveal this passion and this interest to the whole world.

Being balanced in life is something I value. Not too creative, not too pragmatic. I have always found myself between arts and real life and my obsession is entertainment.

What I believe in

No matter what you’re selling or showcasing, if you manage to entertain people and make them have a good time, you already won.

What makes me unique is my ability to be passionate and engaged about projects. Learning from anyone, from everywhere is my mojo and this is why I value each of my projects I have been implied in. The wish to grow, to understand, to outperform myself. Life as a game where winning is not just a medal, a cup or money, it’s deeper than that.

If you want to collaborate

Right now, I am located in Linköping in Sweden, but I am open about collaboration all over the world. Because I see video making as way to travel, to meet, and I am always up for a discussion to see if we can be on the same wave and collaborate together.

If I do that, it’s because I love it, because it stimulates me and because I want to give the best of me. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

See you et à bientôt.

My Values

About me: I am a collaborative person who is always trying to find solutions to problems. Hence, my goal is to find yours in the best way. Here are some specific points I would like to underline before planning anything:

  • It’s a collaboration, not a top-down relation. By collaborating, we will have better results, I promise.

  • Which means that the more you’re invested in the project, the better are the results.

  • I believe that every job should be paid fairly for both of us. Not too high, not too low.

  • Creative work is work, not a passion. My passion is different from making ads and videos. 

  • I am not here to lose time, but to find solutions. If I can or can’t  do something, you’ll be aware of that.
  • Honesty is more valuable than anything else.